I've been waiting for this museum to open. Imagine: worker housing, jobs for women, great overalls. My kind of utopia. I am always attracted to big ships and engine grease.

Richmond shipyard

I am nostalgic for a time I didn't even experience. My only experience of that time is through the objects we find in old houses and the occasional museum. I keep looking for the German word that describes the pain of longing for one's home, sort of homesickness but not quite the same. I am looking for a book by Jonas Mekas, "I Had Nowhere to Go". I once found this book at the Strand in New York.


Visted the old Naval Air Base. I love the emptiness, decay and ghostlike atmosphere. When I was a kid this place was jumping.

This is the picture I wanted to take.

Park St. 1960

The beach

This reminded me of the familiarity of Robert Bechtle's exhibit at Modern Art Museum. That bright Pacific Coast light and suburban 50-70s California architecture.

Alameda Info has an excellent collection of historical postcards and matchbook covers. Those are the things we find when we are cleaning out houses for estate sales.

Still there, still good waffles, still broasted chicken.


Dreamt that I was taking an art class called, "Bipolar Explorations".